Mission of C4GD

Center for Global Diplomacy is a 501 c3 community development organization purposing to establish an increasing ecology of organizations and initiatives fostering economic, education, healthcare, faith, government, social and civic issues in urban and rural communities by organizing service provider groups to build effective capacity for solving problems and eradicating disparities by making  capital and operational investments in less fortunate individuals and communities.


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 3rd Saturday Free Food Giveaway  
Center for Global Diplomacy
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Fighting Social Challenges 

Center For Global Diplomacy is impacting the world one community at a time.

Social determinants of health factors such as as behavioral health, a lack meaningful community engagement, food insecurity and public health were some of the issues C4GD addressed during its Total Impact Community Fair. When community organizations partner with business, government, faith based and other grassroots organizations meaning impact will take place as experienced at the Total Impact Community Fair held in the Chimney Hill community.  Quality of  life and life expectancy improve organically due to networking and identification of  resources.  This is a major tactic for fighting social challenges of our times.

C4GD Is Reaching The World 

Feeding Refugees in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

Center For Global Diplomacy's Ugandan Diplomat Joyeux "Joe" MUGISHO leads People For Peace and Defense Rights (PPDR) in Kampala, Uganda.  This assignment allows Joe, who is a refugee from Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to serve his own countrymen in Uganda.

Community Impact 

Free  Food Giveaway November 20, 2021

Center for Global Diplomacy (C4GD) collaborates with area partners to create access to good nutritious foods in our community for optimal health and growth.   C4GD advocates  for social justice and economic equality. If you would like to contribute or partner with us click "Contact Us" below.
    World Health Organization COVID guidelines for Food Safety

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Career Innovations of America

Career Innovations of America (CIOA) is an education based practical career business model. Our career coaches helps individual who are not faring well or dropped out of the traditional public school educational model to prepare for successful academic completion and productive employment or entrepreneur opportunities.

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School of

Theological principles spreading peace through diplomacy

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Welcome! If we may answer any questions pertaining to enrollment for academic year 2022 - 2023, please email us at [email protected]

School of Diplomatic Leadership is currently operating in its fourth year. If you are searching for an affordable kingdom based college education, you've come to the right place. The kingdom of God is the best governmental model for leaders to use for building businesses, schools, churches, families, communities and any sustainable development both near and far.


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